PUMA produces all type of Air Compressors, Air Tools, Pressure Vessels, and related accessories / spare parts worldwide. In 1979, we integrated the Air Compressors “Power Source” with the Air Tools / Accessories “Diversified Application”, resulted in an integral air system and earned the title “AIR CENTER”.

Piston Series :
Direct Drive Oil-Lube Series

•Compact and portable designs.

•Oil-lube models feature “ monobloc “ die-cast aluminum pump with cast iron cylinder.

•All models are equipped with induction motors with overload protection.

•Ideal for home and professional applications.

•Pressure:  8 / 10 bar  / 8

•Flow rate: 0.12 – 0.35 m³/min

•Motor power:  0.7 – 2.6 kW

Direct Drive Oil-Less Series

•Compact and portable designs.

•Oil-less models feature patented pump design for lower noise and improved cooling .

•Maintenance-free on oil-less units.

•All models are equipped with induction motors with overload protection.

•Ideal for home and professional applications.

•Pressure:  8 / 10 bar  / 8

•Flow rate: 0.03 – 0.26 m³/min

•Motor power:  0.18 – 1.9 kW

D.C. direct Drive Oil-Less Series (12V/24V)

•Oil-less design allows units to be mounted in any orientataion.

•Patented punp design for the provision of lowered noise and improved cooling.

•Deep cooling fin design on cylinder head and cylinders for high efficiency cooling.

•Oversized motor cooling fan prevent motor from overheating.

•Continuous duty cycle for 1/2 to 1HP models, 50% duty cycle for 1/4 HP models.

•Ideal for off-road vehicles,RV,agriculture,construction,motorsports,and applications where 

on-board air is needed.

•Pressure:  8 / 10 bar  

•Flow rate: 0.03 – 0.09 m³/min

•Motor power:  0.18 – 0.56 kW

Single Stage Belt Drive Series


The new single body valve design can increase compression efficiency and make maintenancevery convenient.By adopting the most superior cast iron material,this air compressor is designedfor industry use thus it is super water resistant.With the multi-blade heat dissipating fan,forced cooling,the head dissipation system of this compressor is considered the best.


Suitable for use in factories, automatic systems, auto service,finishing and any works requiring compressed air.

Pressure:  8 / 10 bar

Flow rate: 0.16 – 3.2 m³/min 

Two Stage Belt Drive Series


Special high pressure design,safety,sturdy structure for durability.Abailability of special auxliary cylinder can further enhance compression efficiency.


Suitable for use in factories,auto maintenance plant,tire stores and speial high pressure supply system.

Pressure:  12 / 16 bar

Flow rate: 0.26 – 2. 53 m³/min

Motor power: 2.2 - 22 kW

Engine Type Series


•Specially designed for the place without electric supply.

•Vibration-free operation.

•Easy to carry on transportation.


•Air inflatable & heavy-duty wheels.system.

•For farms and constructions.

•Pressure:  12 / 16 bar

•Flow rate: 0.26 – 2. 53 m³/min

•Motor power: 2.2 - 22 kW

Silent Type Series


Using completely enclosed box and the principle of air convection to obtain automatic cooling effect.

Equipped with automatic device for easy operation.

Handsomely designed and dust proof.


Laboratories,dental clinics,cottage industries or places that require silence.

•Single Stage

•Pressure:  8 / 10 bar 

•Flow rate: 0.16 – 1.86 m³/min

•Motor power:  0.75  – 11.25  kW

•Two Stage

•Pressure:  12 / 16 bar 

•Flow rate: 0.25 – 0.86 m³/min

•Motor power:  2.2  – 7.5  kW

SP Series

•Exquisite Industrial Compressors

•Energy Efficient Networking

•qMicro Computer Control

•Maintenance Easy

•User Friendly

•Model : SP10 ~ SP100

Free Air Delivery :  1.15 ~ 11.9 m3/min

Pressure : 8 ~13 bar

Motor Power : 7.5 ~75 kW


•High efficiency, quiet operation.

•Auto operation, energy saving.

•Patented design, best durability.

•Model : MG130V  ~ WD8110

•Pressure :  8 bar

•Motor Power : 0.75 ~ 8 kW


•Silent type, quiet operations.

•Auto operation, energy saving.

•Cabinet modules for flexible requirements

•Model : WDS2  ~ BFS10

•Pressure :  8 bar

•Motor Power : 1.5 ~ 7.5 kW


•Provide clean air.

•Durability, high efficiency

•Best device for medical, laboratory and food industry.


•New series DR refrigerated air dryers are suitable for maximum inlet temperature of 45 ⁰C that produce dry air with dew point 2⁰C at 7 kg/cm2.

•New series DR refrigerated air dryers have high efficiency and low pressure loss.

•New series DRH refrigerated air dryers are suitable for maximum inlet temperature of 80⁰C. With the extra pre-cooler and strong cooling fan that cool down the high inlet air through the heat-exchanger to normal inlet temperature, it produces perfect dry air with dew point 2⁰C at 7 kg/cm2.

•Model : DRH5  ~ DRH400

•Pressure :  8 bar

•Motor Power : 0.2 ~ 5.9 kW

Dust Elimination / Deodorant / De-Hydro

5 Micron
1 Micron
0.5 mg/m³
Borosilicate fiber
0.01 Micron
0.01 mg/m³
Borosilicate fiber 
0.003 mg/m³
Activated Carbon
0.001 mg/m³
Activated Carbon

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