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JAGUAR is a brand of Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. which is a company with over 30-year history and focusing on providing the energy-saving, efficient, and stable solution for air compression system.

PM Two-Stage VSD Air Compressor

Industry leader, first class energy standard

GLS 175.jpeg

PM Two stage VSD screw air compressor ZLS-2i, original split structure, super large air volume, compression close to isothermal compression, beyond the national first level.


The average energy savings for you to save 30%-55%, more energy-efficient, industry pioneer.


Model       : ZLS20-20i ~ ZLS100-2i

Flow Rate : 4.6 mᶟ/min ~ 60 mᶟ/min

Pressure   : 0.6 ~ 1.3 Mpa

Power       : 20hp ~ 350hp

ZLS-Di Low Pressure Large Discharge

Industry leader, first class energy standard

GLS 175.jpeg

•Original IP65 permanent magnet motor, oil / water cooled technology, efficiency increased by 8%.
•With large rotor and low speed design, the performance is more stable; Permanent magnet IPM motor adopts 8 pole high speed motor, energy-saving efficiency increased by 10% compared with asynchronous motor.
•Dual VSD cooling fan, low noise, save 3% energy consumption;
•Special low pressure intake valve, oil and gas separation filter and minimum pressure valve, significantly improve the performance of the whole machine.
Model       : ZLS30Di ~ ZLS350Di
Flow Rate : 8.2 mᶟ/min ~ 96.8 mᶟ/min
Pressure   : 0.2 ~ 0.5 Mpa
Power       : 30hp ~ 350hp

Gear Drive Heavy Duty

GLS Series Features

GLS 175.jpeg

•Innovation profile design by JAGUAR team

•RPM low to 1500, high torque, 4 pole heave duty motor

•Super big size configuration air end

•Up to 20% noise reduced

•High efficient discharge

•Long service life design


Model       : GLS60 ~ GLS350

Flow Rate : 9.4 mᶟ/min ~ 45.2 mᶟ/min

Pressure   : 0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa

Power       : 60hp ~ 350hp

GLS Series is suitable especially below end users

•24 hours non-stop air supply such as electricity power plant

•Touch environment such as textile, construction material factory

•Stable pressure running such as chemical factory

•Long service life such as machinery industries

•Reliable and simple installation, operation and maintenance

•Long service life design

GLS Series is suitable especially below end users

GLS 175.jpeg

24 hours non-stop air supply such as electricity power plant

Touch environment such as textile, construction material factory

Stable pressure running such as chemical factory

Long service life such as machinery industries

Reliable and simple installation, operation and maintenance

Long service life design

Asynchronous Direct Drive Screw Compressor

GLS 175.jpeg

•The air-end is made of the third generation of screw profile. According to the idea of big rotor, big bearing and low speed, all the models have been designed by one. High reliability, and low speed, reduce the failure rate, guarantee the long service life if the air-end.

•Advantages of low speed

•And low noise, and reduce the stimulation to the eardrum, and effectively protects the human body.

•The intake valve and the oil pipe are special designed according to the latest research results. The internal pressure ratio is reasonable, and the oil and gas heat exchange is sufficient.

•The direct drive transmission, high transmission efficiency, reliable imported coupling, easy installation, long  lastng life.

Model       : ZLS10 ~ ZLS350

Flow Rate : 1.51 mᶟ/min ~ 45.2 mᶟ/min

Pressure   : 0.6 ~ 1 Mpa

Power       : 10hp ~ 350hp

Belt Drive Screw Air Compressor

Five advantages:

GLS 175.jpeg

•Large displacement : the latest rotor design, large displacement.

•High energy efficiency : high volume rate, low friction loss, high mechanical efficiency.

•Low cost : simple structure, compact structure, mature and reliable product and         reasonable cost.

•Less maintenance : less parts of air-end, no wearing parts, low maintenance cost.

•Quick Change : the change of work pressure demand only needs simple replacement of      belt pulley, convenient and quick.

Belt  German imported belt, transmission efficiency higher, longer service life.

Air/Oil Filter Imported materials, effectively protect the air compressor, greatly prolong the                        life of air compressor.

Electrical Control Internationally renowned components, reliable, safe, easy to operate.

Portable Air Compressor With Tank 7.5Hp ~20Hp

GLS 175.jpeg

EAS series can selectively match with portable air tank,which meets the requirements of possible mobile

Operations and is able o go wherever you want.

Model       : EAS07-260 ~  EAS20-400

Flow Rate : 1 mᶟ/min ~ 2.5 mᶟ/min

Pressure   : 0.7 ~ 1 Mpa

Power       : 7.5hp ~ 20hp

Air Cooled Piston Compressor ( One Stage & Two Stage )

GLS 175.jpeg

The Crankshaft

It is made of advanced ductile iron with high strength and wear resistance.


High strength, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, precision bearings, long service life.

Heat Radiation Fin Tube

High efficiency fin copper tube, reduce exhaust temperature.

Connecting Rod

Advanced alloy material, precision machining.

Piston Ring

It adopts a piston ring with special abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance, and the replacement time of the ring is extended for more than 5000 hours.

Advantages of Air Cooled Piston Air Compressors

GLS 175.jpeg

•Less compression ratio, higher efficiency, more power saving.

•The main parts are produced by advanced numerical control processing equipment with high accuracy and high reliability.

•Compressor has the advantages of simple and compact structure, low oil consumption, low noise, stable operation, good performance and long service life.

•The efficient intermediate cooling buffer improves the compressor efficiency, reduces the power consumption, reduces the discharge temperature and prolongs the service life.

Air Cooling Oil-free Piston Air Compressor

GLS 175.jpeg

•100% completely oil-free, providing clean compressed air. Self lubrication piston ring and sealing bearing, no oil in crankcase.

•The entire process of compression is no oil, so the resulting  compressed air is naturally 100% oil-free

•Widely used in medical, food, micro-electronics, laser and other requirements of completly oil-free compressed air occasions.

Model       : OL-80 ~ OL-200

Flow Rate : 0.45 mᶟ/min ~ 2 mᶟ/min

Pressure   : 0.7 Mpa

Power       : 5hp ~ 20hp

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